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Enjoying the Very Best Indian Restaurants In New Zealand

There are many different types of restaurants in New Zealand with many of them specializing in specific types of cuisine. One of the most popular is that which is served by the Indian Restaurants. The following are some of the more well-known ones but this is not a complete list as there are several additional ones that have become the favourites of both residents and visitors alike.

In Auckland

Auckland is one of the most common destinations for travelers to New Zealand. To accommodate the desire for some exceptional Indian food the following restaurants will be sure to accommodate.

  • Cassia: Found in the central part of Auckland this is a busy upscale restaurant that is so popular it is suggested you go early to make sure you have access to the full selection of their menu.
  • Ela Cuisine: This restaurant has been given five stars on its reviews. Not only is the food exceptional but most find the customer service to be top notch.

In Queenstown

If it is Queenstown where you are staying then your choice of Indian food restaurants may be among the following;

  • The Taj Indian Kitchen: Reported as offering food made of the freshest ingredients along with a good menu selection.
  • The Spice Room: As the name implies you are going to find Indian cuisine here that is made with a large array of spices. There are many that say this is the best Indian food in NZ., but there are others who will differ because they too have found a favourite.

Although there are a lot of Indian restaurants it should never be assumed that they are all the same. Each restaurant has its own uniqueness about it and their own traditional way of preparing the foods. This is what makes this cusines so very interesting.